What You Need To Wear Alongwith Renaissance Costumes

Renaissance CostumesRenaissance fair is the time when you get enough opportunity to express yourself. It’s time to strengthened the bonding among friends and families and enjoy medieval way of leaving. This festival provides you a chance to show your capability of enacting like the characters of medieval period. Started in early 1950’s, people in this festival get a chance to dress in renaissance costumes. They enjoy food, music and theatrical performance based on the life of legends of the bygone eras.

Many people attend these fests on regular basis but for some persons it is once in lifetime opportunity. If you are one of those lucky person who is about to attend such fair then apart from renaissance dresses there are other things provided below to consider.

First thing you need to do is – keep your sunglasses or eyeglasses at home while taking part. Obviously nobody in earlier period support sunglasses. They will look awkward and ruin the appearance of renaissance clothing. If it is important to use lens then use contact lenses.

After sunglasses, here comes the accessory second in list. They are the most vital part in shaping the whole appearance and give finishing touch to look. Accessory provides the room of improvement for medieval dress and its range varies from embellishing medieval clothing to headgears to armor and many others. No matter from where and what you purchase, accessories have tendency to personalize the ‘brought costumes’. To get an accurate look apart from medieval outfit, a little make up and require accessory will do a great job.Medieval Clothing

Third one is hair, during middle age whether men or women most importantly noble women had their unique sense of styling hair. No women in those periods used to cut hair. All had long similar looking hair unlike today’s women who have freedom in to choose the length and style. Mostly the hair of married women was confined in a bun in the back of head. So when you have a few days on your hand before the feast, try to find out the perfect hairstyle.

The last here is shoes. No outfit is complete without them. Either you have wrong pair of shoes or you don’t have and in both the cases you end up ruining your look. If you don’t have time or budget to buy an appropriate pair of shoes then go for black shoes or crystal shoes. For instance, to look like a pirate not only pirate costumes even pirate shoes, bandana, sash, hat and sword are equally required. For adding more effect an eye-patch and rope are considered.

Above mentioned points will help you in achieving the desired look you want. Now-a-days designers know how to make period clothing environment friendly, versatile and in budget of consumers. They use various materials to make alluring and exquisite dresses of velvet, cotton, brocade and satin fabrics. These clothing along with accessories will adorn you with glamorous and elegant look.

For a right renaissance costume do research. Take ideas from magazine, newspaper, books and internet. While medieval themed costumes available offline too but buying online is far better idea as it can provide the same quality of outfit at a reasonable cost.

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