A Brief Description on Renaissance Era

Renaissance Clothes1490s is the time when costumes began to acquire a Renaissance look of extravagance in Europe. Even within this framework, different parts of Europe followed different styles. England followed a more mediaeval look in Renaissance dresses than other parts of Europe. Flowing lines, puffed long sleeves, head-dresses, velvet and silk lined with brocade and laces became the norm in aristocratic Renaissance clothes. On the other hand, common people largely stuck to the mediaeval clothing made of wool, coarse cotton, flannel, linen and sheepskin.

In our contemporary times, people following Renaissance sub-culture use these styles and mix them with styles from Victorian era, punk culture and our modern fashions to create a dressing fashion which doesn’t have any boundaries. Dark colours, black and white and some bold colours such as red and maroon, deep blue and purple are used in these clothes. Flowing gowns from the Renaissance style are popular I modern Renaissance sub-culture, though with much less gathers. Laces, trimmings, frills and embroidery are also popular. These are mixed with punk style disjoined clothing and modern sleek lines in outfits.

Pirate shirts formed a unique feature in the Renaissance period. These were characterized by loose and long sleeves, frills and laces lining the edges and neckline, ends hanging till the waist or thighs. These shirts used black, white, brown or grey shades and were made of cotton, linen or flannel. These features have been utilized by the modern Renaissance sub-culture and have been combined with features from other styles, such as splashes of red, blue or yellow and brocade linings. Uneven, zigzag edges, stripes, asymmetrical look are some other features used to mix the traditional Renaissance dress with the punk style. Tunics, coats, cloaks and headgear complete the Renaissance ensemble of modern time. Accessories may include swords.Pirate Shirts

These swords are often carved and studded with gems and are made in the style of scabbards carried by the warriors and kings in the past. Renaissance sub-culture also recreates the world woven by the English literature, by drawing from the figures described in English literary work.

Mixing these styles creates a fashion of dress without boundaries. People who wear the dresses of this sub-culture give the impression that they can draw from the inspiration of Renaissance spirit and at the same time walk in tune with today’s society. They can experiment and don’t stay within the boundaries of the social norms as prescribes by tradition.

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